Cute, soft and adorable: discover our cute cuddly toys that bring much joy to young and old! To keep or give away, buy now conveniently online!


Fluffy cuddly friends made of lambskin!

Cute, soft and absolutely adorable: discover our cute cuddly toys that bring much joy to young and old! Sheep, lamb, ram or mouse: our cuddly animals made of lambskin convince with their loving appearance, the playful details and their woolly-soft fur. You just have to fall in love with them! To keep or give away: Give one of the cute cuddly animals a home - buy online now!

Cuddly toy or decorative sheep?

Cuddly animals made of lambskin - gifts for everyone! 

You are looking for a suitable gift? With the cuddly animals made of lambskin, you are well advised! Whether for a child's birthday or for adults - the cute little animals are a nice present!

Varied product selection in the fur store

Discover our product variety: The little ones are thrilled by the GRÜNSCHNABEL collection and the Baby products for kids. Cuddly lambskin pads, fluffy baby lambskins and sheepskin footmuff provide cozy warmth on cold days. 

You have decided? Then shop online right away!

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