Hot Water Bottles

Do you have the chills and a blanket alone isn’t cutting it? Our hot water bottles with soft lambskin covers are just the thing for you! Buy yours online today!


Comfortably warm – lambskin hot water bottle covers

Say goodbye to the cold with your soft hot water bottle cover made from genuine lambskin! Lambskin retains heat incredibly well and feels oh so soft to the touch. Order your soft lambskin hot water bottle cover online today!

Hot water bottles with lambskin

Lambskin hot water bottle covers make all the difference

Lambskin hot water bottles are different to conventional hot water bottles. The lambskin not only makes the bottle feel warm, but also soft and cosy. Plus, lambskin has the ability to store heat, making a lambskin hot water bottle stay warmer longer!

Not too hot, not too cold: lambskin covers for hot water bottles

In addition to their long insulation capabilities, lambskin has another advantage: it regulates temperature. Whilst standard hot water bottles have to cool down a little before you use them, lambskin hot water bottles can be used immediately after filling. The lambskin ensures that the hot water bottle never feels too hot.

Lambskin covers are easy to care for

Our lambskin covers for hot water bottles are easy to care for. Lambskin is machine washable up to 30°C with Fellhof special shampoo for lambskin. However, it should not be tumble dried, or placed on a heater or in direct sunlight. Simply hang to dry – it’s that easy!

Lambskin products for the entire family

In addition to handy accessories such as walletssheepskin brushes, products for the home and healthcare products, you will find many other lambskin products in our online shop. From clothingfootwear and accessories for men and women to cuddly lambskins for babies, through to footmuffs and Merino hats – everyone will find something they love!

Found the perfect hot water bottle cover? Order yours online today and have it delivered right to your door!

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