Sheepskin footmuffs and lambskin cosy toes

Our cuddly-soft sheepskin footmuffs for prams create a place of comfort and well-being for your baby. Get ready for any outdoor adventure with a lambskin footmuff!


Aspen Lambskin Footmuff

Fellhof Cortina Lambskin Footmuff

Cortina Footmuff felt light grey

Hochsölden Footmuff

Fellhof Garmisch Lambskin Footmuff

Gastein Footmuff

Fellhof Meribel Lambskin Footmuff
Fellhof Meribel Lambskin Footmuff

€119.00 €159.00
Lambskin Olaf Footmuff for Sledges

Fellsack Lammfell Gastein canvas grau beige
Lambskin footmuff GASTEIN CANVAS

€119.00 €149.00
CANVAS Summer Cover for Footmuffs

Felt Summer Footmuff Cover

Softshell Footmuff Cover
Softshell Footmuff Cover

€19.00 €44.90
Special Shampoo for Lambskin and Wool 250 ml


Sheepskin footmuffs for prams

Fresh air is important for baby and does new parents a world of good, too! Walks and time outside are part of everyday life with a new baby. Dress baby and put them in the pram, pack your diaper bag for your walk and head outside. Your little one can soak up all the new sights and sounds from the comfort of their Fellhof lambskin footmuff. After all, Mums and Dads know what does their baby good!

Baby in Lammfell-Fußsack lächelt Mutter an, die daneben kniet

Lambskin is a gift from nature

  • 100% Merino lambskin
  • Warms in winter
  • Prevents heat build-up in summer
  • Temperature-regulating, moisture-regulating, breathable
  • Self-cleaning, dirt-repellent, easy to care for
  • Natural, soft and hygienic

Compare footmuffs: lambskin footmuffs for babies & children

Our lambskin footmuffs have their own sweet names: CORTINA, CORTINA Filz, HOCHSÖLDEN, GARMISCH and OLAF, our footmuff for sledges. Not sure which footmuff is right for you? Find answers to some common questions and details about our lambskin footmuffs below or check out our footmuff comparison.

Which lambskin footmuff is right for my pram?

Which lambskin footmuffs will fit in my carrycot?

A carrycot is a pram seat that can be used immediately after birth. The flat bottom is characteristic of carrycots.
  • For very small babies, we recommend MERIBEL for carrycots for babies up to approx. 12 months.
  • GASTEIN is our special footmuff for baby carriers such as those from Maxi-Cosi. It can also be used in carrycots.
Please note: larger footmuff models are a little longer and are suitable for toddlers up to the age of 3. When placing in a carrycot, any excess material should be placed on or over the edge of the carrycot.

Ergonomic prams: which footmuff?
Some prams feature an ergonomic design with a characteristic bucket-style seat. Our ASPEN footmuff model is made for such prams.

  • Ergonomic pram brands: Bugaboo, Joolz
Which footmuffs fit baby carriers such as Maxi-Cosi?
We have developed a special footmuff just for baby carriers: our GASTEIN model. If this footmuff is too warm in summer, we recommend our special lambskin liner for baby carriers.
Check your harness slots: they will tell you which footmuff will fit your pram
Check the direction of your pram’s harness slots. They will help you determine which lambskin footmuff is right for your pram.

  • Choose our WENGEN lambskin footmuff for prams with vertical harness slots.
What age is appropriate for your lambskin footmuff models?
  • We recommend the MERIBEL lambskin footmuff for newborns and babies up to 12 months.
  • You can also use the GASTEIN lambskin footmuff for carrycots, as long as it allows your child enough room.
  • All other footmuffs are suitable for children up to approx. 3 years.

Lambskin footmuffs for prams

A lambskin footmuff is a great choice that will give you and your little one plenty of lovely time together.

Fellhof stands for the best quality and an excellent selection of lambskin footmuffs. You’ll be amazed at the exquisite range of our lambskin footmuffs for prams, as well as the high quality of products we offer. Our cosy pram footmuffs are perfect for spending time outdoors with the whole family. Our lambskin footmuffs protect your baby in their carrycot, pram or buggy whilst keeping them comfortably warm.

Pram footmuffs with lambskin

What makes our footmuffs stand apart is the high-quality lambskin used in all of our footmuffs. Parents love the kid-friendly design of our lambskin footmuffs, whilst babies and toddlers love the soft, cosy fur, which keeps them warms in winter and cool in summer.

Lambskin footmuffs are great in summer, too

Did you know lambskin is excellent for babies in summer, too? Lambskin regulates temperature and helps prevent babies from getting sweaty.
Mums and Dads love our wonderful natural products that not only boast the best quality, but are practical and functional, too. We keep the needs of babies and parents in mind when developing our products. 
In our extensive range of baby accessories, in addition to lambskin footmuffs and lambskins for babies, you will also find practical stroller insertshand warmers, cute baby toysbreastfeeding accessories and other baby items with lambskin.

Browse our online shop and find the perfect lambskin footmuff for your little one!

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