Frequently asked questions

Lambskin footmuffs

Do footmuffs also fit in carrycots?
Most of our footmuffs are generally too large for carrycots. However, you are welcome to try them out for yourself – carrycots may vary in size depending on the brand.
For carrycots, we typically recommend our Gastein model or our UNIFIT liner as they are shorter and narrower than our other footmuffs and therefore fit carrycots better. Our new Gastein Canvas footmuff is ideal for the transitional season.

Our HOCHSÖLDEN footmuff model can fit into carrycots due to the arrangement of its straps, but it will probably be a little too long. You can of course try it out to see whether it will fit your carrycot.

Our MERIBEL footmuff is great for normal pram tubs. All other footmuff models also fit, although they may slightly spill over the edges of the pram tub.
Will my baby sweat in a lambskin footmuff?
Lambskin is wonderfully breathable and maintains a consistent, comfortable temperature. Therefore, lambskin footmuffs rarely get too hot – typically, they have a consistently comfortable warmth.

If you have the feeling your child is getting sweaty in their footmuff (in our experience, this happens very rarely from autumn), you can open the footmuff or even remove the entire top panel and leave your child uncovered or cover him or her with a light blanket.

Because it absorbs moisture well, and because it does not store heat, lambskin can be used as a pram liner in summer.
Which lambskin footmuff works best with Bugaboo/Joolz prams?
For Bugaboo, Joolz or other sport prams, we recommend our ASPEN footmuff. It can be used with the seat and standard 5-point harness systems of Bugaboo and Joolz prams.
My pram has a classic 5-point harness system – which footmuff is suitable for my pram?
Does your pram or pushchair have a classic 5-point harness system? We recommend the following footmuff models:

These models all vary slightly – if you have special requirements, please let us know and we will be happy to help you choose the best lambskin footmuff.

We receive several large deliveries every year, but some models in certain colours may be sold out over the course of the season – feel free to contact us by e-mail if you are interested in a specific colour or lambskin footmuff model.

If you send us your phone number, we will be happy to call you.
How can I wash my lambskin footmuff?
Footmuffs should be washed on the wool cycle (gentle cycle) in cold water or at a maximum of 30°C. Be sure to use our special moisturising shampoo, otherwise the lambskin could become damaged. (The leather will become brittle and break when washed with conventional detergent).

After washing, it is important to carefully wring out the footmuff and let it air dry completely – do not tumble dry in the dryer. During the drying phase, it is important to pull and move the fabric (or leather) regularly to prevent it from becoming stiff. Once it is almost dry, carefully clean the woolly lambskin first with a fine brush and then a sheepskin brush, and then comb through completely.


My sheepskin smells funny – what could be the cause?
Because they are natural products, a slight smell is normal for leather, hide and sheepskin. We recommend a thorough airing out of your sheepskin products. In most cases, smells will go away after a few days in the fresh air.

If you think your sheepskin product still smells too strongly after airing, simply contact our customer service team – we are sure we will be able to find a suitable solution together!
Where does Fellhof source its lambskin?
Depending on the product, our lambskin is mostly from Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Iceland and Turkey. The world’s largest herds of sheep are found in New Zealand and Australia.
What benefits does natural lambskin have?
Lambskin not only keeps you comfortably warm, it regulates temperature. As a liner or footmuff in your pram, buggy or carrier, sheepskins for babies create the perfect temperature. In slippers and winter boots, lambskin’s long fibres store heat whilst also preventing heat from building up. Lambskin also absorbs moisture and protects feet from getting damp and sweaty; it is self-cleaning, dirt-repellent and easy-to-care for. Lambskin can really do it all!

All advantages at a glance:

  • 100%  lambskin
  • Warms in winter
  • Prevents heat build-up in summer
  • Temperature-regulating, moisture-regulating, breathable
  • Self-cleaning, dirt-repellent, easy to care for
  • Natural, soft and hygienic

Are sheepskins compatible with underfloor heating systems?
Hides, sheepskins, and cowhides can be placed on floors with underfloor heating – constant warmth does not have a negative effect on the hide.

Hides are a natural material and are subject to natural wear and tear, which can result in leather becoming hard or brittle.

Exposure to heat, strong fluctuations in temperature and excessive humidity over a long period of time may damage a hide over time.
Can I wash every lambskin/sheepskin? Which lambskin/sheepskin can be washed? Which cannot be washed?
All lambskin/sheepskin products that can be washed are marked with a note on their tag. Lambskin and sheepskin should always be washed at a maximum of 30°C, on the wool cycle and with our special lambskin shampoo.

Find more information on our washing and care page.

Gloves, slippers and socks

What about temperature and lambskin gloves? What do I have to keep in mind with young children?
Lambskin is a natural product that reflects body heat. If you or your child have warm hands when you put on your gloves, they will generally stay warm, especially when you move around. If your hands are cold when you put on your gloves, the lambskin cannot store or reflect the heat. If your fingers are cold when you put on your gloves and you then constantly move around, lambskin can help hands warm up and keep them warm.

Gloves and sleeping children:
When your child sleeps outdoors in their pram, for example, it is normal that body temperature will fall slightly, especially in the extremities. In this case we highly recommend placing your child’s gloved hands in their footmuff or under a warm blanket. Lambskin supports heat generation and insulation, but cannot produce heat by itself when body temperature drops. 
Why do my lambskin slippers wear out so quickly?
We do our best to develop our products as sustainable, durable and premium-quality as possible. While lambskin brings with it many incredible advantages (it can be worn with bare feet, is moisture-repellent, breathable and provides consistent warmth), natural fibres are not as durable as synthetics and are subject to natural wear and tear. Natural wear and tear can vary depending on how long or how intensely the product is used.
Are the soles of your slipper boots non-slip?
The leather soles of our slipper boots are not slippery and generally offer good grip. Over time, the sole – or more specifically, the leather – may become a little greasy, as is normal with high-quality leather. The grip then decreases a bit but the soles still offer good grip.
Why do my socks have holes in them?
The high quality of our products is very important to us. Our socks are made with a very high amount of fine, natural alpaca wool. Alpaca wool has extremely fine wool fibres and such socks offer many benefits (skin-friendly, moisture wicking, generating/reflecting heat, etc.). Since it is a natural material, these natural fibres do not have the same durability as synthetic fibres such as plastic, for example.

Socks are a hygiene and consumer product (typically excluded from exchanges and returns) and depending on the degree of use, type of flooring and gait, socks are subject to natural wear and tear  –  it is therefore possible that holes will appear over time. Unfortunately, the wool fibres (Merino and alpaca wool) are not designed for heavy use on rough surfaces or for sports.
Can/should I waterproof or grease my shoes?
Waterproofing helps protect your shoes against snow and moisture. Waterproofing is recommended for our full-grain leather shoes, as for example:

Leather grease, leather wax or shoe polish should only be used on smooth leather boots. These not only protect the leather, but also help keep it soft and supple. 

Leather grease should only be used very sparingly, if at all. The most common problems with leather grease are that it can lead to the loss of breathability of the leather, or it can cause the surface of the leather to become sticky, leaving grease stains on clothing.

We therefore recommend the use of shoe polish and leather wax. This combination gives your leather the care, protection and shine it needs! The following Fellhof products are suitable for this treatment, as for example:

Returns and exchanges

An item in my order has a flaw – what can I do?
Your satisfaction and the quality of our products is very important to us. You can return the product to us and we will be happy to send a replacement after successful inspection.

If you can live with the flaw, you can keep the item and we will offer you a 15% discount on the purchase price. The money will then be refunded to you immediately.

Please note the following for complaints:
To start the complaint procedure, please email us to 
Briefly describe the situation and ideally enclose a photo of the defect on the product. Our customer service will get back to you immediately. 

I would like to send a product back – how can I send something back?
Please enclose the e-mail history, as well as the invoice or delivery note in the package with the complete item to be returned, and note in writing the reason you are returning your item. Our quality management team will then check your case as quickly as possible and get in touch.

The size I ordered is incorrect – can I return the item?
You are welcome to return unworn products in their original packaging. Please note, however, that the return period is 14 days from receipt of the items!

Please send the entire item back to us by post. Enclose the return slip with the package and note in writing the reason why you are returning the item. Our quality management team will then check your case as quickly as possible and, after a positive review, refund the amount of your return to your account.
I returned my order, when will I receive my money back?
Your satisfaction is very important to us – that is why we work hard to refund your money as quickly as possible. Please note that depending on where you live, it may take a few working days for your item to be delivered to us.

You will notified by e-mail as soon as your item is delivered to our headquarters.

The return process then takes approx. 4-6 working days, after which the amount will be reimbursed via the method of payment you used. Depending on the method of payment used, it can also take a few days before the reimbursed amount appears in your account.
Easy item exchange: send it back and order a new one.
Would you like to exchange a product? Please send it back, and order a new one. This is shortening the return process and you will receive your new item much faster. The money for your return will also be returned to you immediately.

Our customer service is always happy to answer any questions you may have:

General questions

After I placed my order, I noticed the address I entered is incorrect. Can I change my address after placing an order?
We work hard to ship your order as quickly as possible! For this reason, our shipping processes are largely automated and changes can therefore only be made in exceptional cases. We recommend contacting our customer service team immediately – maybe we can still change your address even after your order has been placed.
How can I pay? What methods of payment do you accept?
Just like ordering, making payments in the Fell-Shop is easy. With our wide range of payment options, you can make your purchase as easily and conveniently as possible.

We accept the following methods of payment for free:
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • PayPal
  • Instant transfer (Klarna)
  • Cash with order
  • Purchase on account (Klarna)
How can I redeem a Fellhof voucher?
We offer vouchers in the following amounts:
Vouchers can only be redeemed online at shop.fellhof.com and will be sent to you as a PDF. Cannot be redeemed for cash.

Your voucher code must be entered into the shopping cart and activated BEFORE completing your order. For technical reasons, only one voucher can be redeemed per order. Please note that the value of the order must exceed the value of the voucher, as a credit is not possible!
I would like to buy non-toxic items. What does Fellhof have to offer?
All of our products are absolutely non-toxic.

Our sheepskins for babies & baby products are medicinally tanned and ÖKO-TEX certified.

Our standard sheepskins are tanned with the trivalent chrome salt tanning – this is proven to be absolutely harmless. The dyes used are absolutely free of harmful substances and are intended for direct contact with skin.

Every form of tanning is actually a chemical process, but in our case it is absolutely harmless.

We use NO chemical post-treatment in any form.
ÖKO-TEX certificate: how safe are Fellhof products?
Quality and product safety are incredibly important to us, especially for lambskin and sheepskin products for the youngest members of your family. We can assure you that all of our products  – certified or not – are non-toxic and of the highest quality.
Our lambskin footmuffs are (regularly) tested by ÖKO-TEX directly after production. 

Find more information about the process and ÖKO-TEX here.

We hope we were able to answer any questions you may have and can convince you of our quality.
How long does shipping take?
Delivery generally takes between 1-5 days, depending on the country to which your item(s) will be shipped.

  • Austria: 1-3 working days
  • Germany: 3-5 working days
  • Delivery zone 2 ( IT, BE, NL, LUX, SL, SK, HU, CZ ): 3-5 working days
  • Delivery zone 3 (DK, FI, FR, SE) :  5-8 working days
  • non EU countries: 6-11 working days 
How much does shipping cost? To which countries do you ship?
We offer free shipping to Austria and Germany for orders over € 55! For customers with a delivery address in Switzerland, shipping is free for orders over € 100.

The following shipping charges apply to orders under the free shipping amount:
  • Austria: € 6.50 (over € 55)
  • Germany: € 8.50 (over € 55)
  • Switzerland: 24 Swiss francs – in our Swiss online shop – shop.fellhof.com/ch
  • IT, BE, NL, LUX, SL, SK, HU, CZ:  € 13.50 (free shipping for orders over € 100)
  • DK, FI, FR, SE: € 16.50 (free shipping for orders over € 120)
  • Great Britain and Spain: € 20

Delivery is currently only possible to the countries listed above.
I’m not sure which shoe size I should order.
When choosing the size, you can use our size chart which is available for each of our products. Should sizing for a specific model of slippers or shoes deviate from the size table, it will be noted.
An item is not in stock. How can I find out when it is available?
Due to the current situation, some items may not be available.

We recommend entering your e-mail address next to the respective item – you will then be notified immediately as soon as this item is back in stock! You can find the e-mail address field on the product information page under the item name.
How can I take care of my lambskin products?
No matter which lambskin or leather product you choose – standard washing is often not possible. This is mainly because lambskin and leather are biologically active and conventional detergents or soaps destroy their special properties.

Plus, it is often just not necessary: when exposed to fresh, oxygen-rich air, natural hides such as lambskin and bullhides are self-cleaning, hygienic and have an anti-bacterial effect.

So then – how can I care for my lambskin products properly?
In combination with oxygen, lambskin and sheepskin are self-cleaning. Therefore, you should regularly: 

  • shake out in the fresh air
  • brush
  • vacuum
your lambskin products.

Bullhides can also be vacuumed.

If your sheepskin product becomes dirty or soiled, we recommend first cleaning the affected area with a cloth and warm water. Be careful not to use too much water! This applies to lambskins, sheepskins, bullhides, slippers and gloves made of leather.
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