Cat Dog Beds

Almost all cats and dogs love cozy pads made of lambskin for sleeping. Our fluffy lambskin sleeping pads and pet beds are made for your pet from 100% natural fur and have a non-slip coating on the underside.


The positive features of lambskin for pets

Natural lambskin is an allrounder. It is perfect for creating a feel-good place for our cats and dogs. The temperature balancing, moisture regulating and breathable properties provide the perfect sleeping comfort for cats and dogs all year round. Because lambskin acts like a natural air conditioner. Self-cleaning, dirt-repellent and easy to clean. It warms in winter and prevents heat accumulation in summer.

Katzen- & Hundebetten mit Lammfell

Pet beds with lambskin and non-slip undersurface

If you're looking for a fluffy pet bed for your little dog or cat, you and your fluffy friend will love our lambskin pet beds. The pet beds with lambskin are not only a hygienic place to sleep, but also fit perfectly into any living space.

TOP lambskin properties 

  • 100% lambskin Washable up to 30°C with special fur shampoo
  • Anti-slip coating on underside 
  • Warms in winter 
  • Prevents heat accumulation in summer
  • Temperature balancing, moisture regulating and breathable
  • Self-cleaning, dirt-repellent and easy to clean 
  • Natural, cuddly and hygienic

Pets may react excitedly to lambskin. Make sure that your pet does not destroy the new favorite bed.

How to care for your lambskin pet bed

Our pet beds are mainly made of 100% lambskin. Since lambskin has self-cleaning properties, it should be washed as little as possible. For the gentle cleaning of our lambskin products, the following should be observed:
We recommend that the pet beds are always well aired. The self-cleaning effect is particularly effective in fog, damp weather and snow. The fur can get wet, but you should make sure that it does not get soaked all the way to the leather, because this will make it brittle. After that, we recommend brushing the pet beds well. Then let it air well at room temperature and dry completely. In case of stubborn stains, it is best to treat the affected area with our special shampoo for lambskins and cold water.

Regular airing and brushing keep lambskin soft and fluffy 

  • Special shampoo for lambskins for stains
  • Fur brush with automatic cleaning
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