Cowhides from Fellhof

Proven quality for over 30 years

Fellhof cowhides and bullhides are high-quality natural products. Each cowhide is unique and turns your space into a real eye-catcher. When you purchase a Fellhof cowhide, you are getting a handpicked, durable natural product of the highest quality – designed by Mother Nature herself!

Each cowhide is completely unique

Bullhides are purely natural products and no two hides are alike – unique neck folds or brand marks can be found on some hides, for instance. In order to give you the opportunity to choose your favourite cowhide, we photograph every single one for our shop. This way, you will receive exactly the piece you have personally selected!

Here you will find a few of our most popular categories: brown cowhides, grey cowhides, white cowhides and black cowhides.

Cowhides from the experts

Buy exclusive bullhides online from the Fellhof

Cattle have been part of human life for over 7,000 years. They have always been suppliers of milk and meat, were once prized as valuable workers, and their dung is still used to fertilise fields and their hides used to make leather.

Cowhides are long-lasting natural products

When you buy a Fellhof cowhide, you are getting a long-lasting natural product of the highest quality. Exclusive cowhides give your home a special atmosphere. They provide a cosy touch and a bit of romance, and lend every room a little something extra.

Bullhide rugs are easy to care for & hygienic

  • Cowhides are breathable, elastic, durable and highly resistant to tearing
  • When exposed to fresh, oxygen-rich air, cowhides clean themselves and feature antibacterial properties.
A cowhide or bullhide rug is always an eye-catcher and every one is completely unique!

Cowhides are a high-quality leather product

Leather is animal skin that has been tanned to preserve its natural fibre structure. Leather is a supple, tough, relatively strong, durable and versatile material. It is relatively impermeable to water and yet breathable. The history of using leather dates back to around 3,400 BCE in ancient Egypt. During the Roman Empire (around 500-700 BCE), lots of leather was used for legionaries’ equipment. Leather has also been used for clothing subject to heavy wear and tear, and later also for pilot and motorcycle helmets. Today, leather is still used in many different ways. In addition to clothing, shoes and bags, it is also used for balls, furniture, dog leads, car seats and even horse saddles.

A bullhide rug is always an eye-catcher and each is completely unique


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