Winter Boots

Winter boots for children must be cosy, warm and soft. Our kids’ winter boots are lined with high-quality lambskin for the most comfortable fit in boots for kids.


Winter boots for kids: with cosy lambskin lining

Like walking on clouds: our lined winter boots for kids are not only cosy and soft, they keep little toes warm on cold days! Fellhof© lambskin boots for children are perfect for playing in the rain, snow and cold weather. Buy your warm winter boots for kids online today!

Lambskin-lined winter boots for kids

Winter fun in the snow? No problem with our warm winter boots!

Snowball fights, sledge rides, walks on snowy winter trails... what kid doesn’t love playing outside in the snow? But being outside in winter requires the proper gear: that’s why we recommend lambskin. Our lined winter boots for kids keep little feet toasty warm! Lambskin’s long fibres insulate for protection against the cold and help retain a comfortable heat inside your child’s winter boots. Lambskin also absorbs moisture and is odour-resistant. Plus, no moisture will penetrate these boots – with our lined boots for kids, your little ones are sure to have a fun day in the snow.

Lambskin-lined winter boots protect little feet!

Our kids’ winter boots with lambskin go up to the calf, keeping feet and ankles toasty warm. Kids can trudge through the snow with ease in these shearling boots with sturdy, non-slip rubber soles.

Only the best: our lined winter boots for kids

You can expect the best quality from all of our products: we use high-quality lambskin to make them. After all, we want only the best for you and your kids! In addition to lambskin-lined winter boots for kids, you’ll find alpaca wool socks, lambskin-lined slippers, footmuffs and much more in our online shop.

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