Product Description

Our wonderful MOGLI children’s slippers with cosy lambskin lining are perfect for little adventurers!

Our MOGLI slippers for toddlers and kids are made with the greatest care and from high-quality lambskin. The lambskin lining ensures that little feet are always nice and warm, even on cold days. Lambskin is not only soft and comfy, but also breathable – so feet won’t overheat.
Practical slippers lined with lambskin for little ones
These slippers are equipped with a non-slip sole and reinforced heel to ensure secure grip on slippery surfaces. Your little ones can romp around, play and explore without you having to worry. The design and colours of our MOGLI slippers for toddlers and kids are also child-friendly and look great, too. These slippers for toddlers and children are easy to put on. Thanks to the practical leather loop and the hook-and-loop fastener on the instep, your child can put on and take off their MOGLI slippers on their own.

Overview of our MOGLI lambskin slippers for toddlers & kids

  • Lining: 100% lambskin
  • Upper: velour leather
  • Reinforced heel and leather loop to easily slip on
  • Practical non-slip sole
  • Hook-and-loop fastener on the instep
  • Removeable insole
  • Colours: light brown*, pink, grey 
  • Sizes: 22 – 28
*Light brown MOGLI slippers are also available in sizes 29 – 35.

Our kids’ slippers with lambskin lining are cosy and will be your child’s faithful companion for all their adventures. Treat your child’s little feet to the best and order your pair of slippers with cosy lambskin lining today!

Order your MOGLI slippers for toddlers & kids online today!

Product number: 3172033
Care Hints
This item is not washable. For stains, a slightly damp cloth can be used to gently treat the relevant area. Then air well at room temperature and allow to dry completely - otherwise the leather may tarnish (it will mould, like any natural material in a warm, damp environment).
MOGLI Slippers for Kids with lambskin

MOGLI Slippers for Kids with lambskin

MOGLI Slippers for Kids with lambskin

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