Product Description

Natural lambskin yoga mat

Welcome, baby! Physical closeness, soothing warmth and gentle touches strengthen the early bond. A gentle look exchanged between mum and baby – how much more perfect could it get?

Junge Mutter trainiert auf Lammfell-Yogamatte Salina von Fellhof

Whilst mum practises her asanas, baby can cuddle up on the soft lambskin – in natural contact with mum. What a lovely way to strengthen your bond.

Our SALINA yoga mat is made of multiple pieces of lambskin and is a unique, exclusive product made of natural lambskin. Not only can this natural product help strengthen the parent-baby bond, it also provides grip and stability for yoga, stretches and relaxation exercises.  

Natural yoga mat made with lambskin

  • 100% lambskin 
  • Non-slip bot
  • tom Includes yoga strap for stretching exercises 
  • Practical carrying bag 
  • Size: 183 x 61 cm

Product number: 5120001
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