Product Description

Lammfell für Babys

Lammfell regelt den Temperaturausgleich wie keine andere Schlafunterlage. Es wärmt im Winter und kühlt im Sommer. Ein Babyfell kann somit zum ständigen Begleiter des Kleinkindes werden – im Kinderwagen, auf Reisen und grundsätzlich in fremder Umgebung, da das vertraute Fell beruhigend und heimelig wirkt. Das Lammfell für Babys ist auch in den Größen 70-80 cm und 80-90 cm verfügbar.

Lambskin – the perfect companion from day one

Lambskin warms in winter and cools in summer so let it be a constant companion for your baby – in their pram, when travelling, or in any new environment where their trusty lambskin will have a calming, familiar effect. When purchasing a new lambskin, we recommend that parents keep the lambskin in their bed for a while – it will pick up your scent to naturally calm your child.

  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified
  • Suitable for newborns
  • Washable up to 30°C with our special lambskin shampoo
  • Medicinally tanned
  • Please note: follow care instructions when washing. Washing instructions can be found here.
Product number: 1351100
Care Hints

Washing instructions: Washing lambskin products correctly

The basic rule is: do not wash too often - lambskin is self-cleaning!

This lambskin product can be washed at max. 30 °C with our special shampoo for lambskins or PH-neutral wool detergent. Light spinning removes excess water. Shape the damp coat by pulling it while it is still damp and brush it through several times. Lay the lambskin out flat to dry in an airy place. Caution: Avoid sunlight, heating and tumble dryers!

You can wash the following products: Baby lambskins, bed skins, comfort bed pads, pram and car seat inserts, hot water bottle covers, kidney belt, heel protectors, foot warmers, wheelchair pad.

General care instructions:

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