Product Description

SALINA lambskin yoga mat

Many new mums want to return to exercising after giving birth. Our tip: special progressive post-partum exercises can help strengthen weakened body areas in new mothers. We have developed this wonderful yoga mat with lambskin especially for this purpose.

Natural yoga mat made with lambskin

Welcome, baby! Physical closeness, soothing warmth and gentle touches strengthen the early bond. A gentle look exchanged between mum and baby – how much more perfect could it get?

Whilst mum practises her asanas, baby can cuddle up on the soft lambskin – in natural contact with mum. What a lovely way to strengthen your bond.

Our SALINA yoga mat is made of multiple pieces of lambskin and is a unique, exclusive product made of natural lambskin. Not only can this natural product help strengthen the parent-baby bond, it also provides grip and stability for yoga, stretches and relaxation exercises.  

Natural yoga mat made with lambskin

  • 100% lambskin
  • Non-slip bot
  • tom Includes yoga strap for stretching exercises
  • Practical carrying bag
  • Size: 183 x 61 cm
  • Colour: beige
Product number: 5120001
Care Hints
The basic rule is: do not wash too often! Lambskin is self-cleaning, dirt-repellent and easy to care for.
General care: Regular brushing and patting help to keep the lambskin soft and fluffy. We also recommend brushing the coat well in case of light stains, the affected area can be moistened slightly beforehand. In general, we recommend airing out fur products regularly - fog or even snow for several hours is best for this. The following applies: the coat can become damp, but the leather should not become wet.
Washing: Washing in the washing machine: as rarely as possible. For cleaning we recommend hand washing or the wool/hand washing programme of the washing machine cold or with max. 30 degrees at max. 600 revolutions. We recommend using only PH-neutral special lambskin shampoo.
Drying: Spread the lambskin out flat in an airy place. Shape the lambskin while it is still damp and brush it several times with a fur brush. Do not dry in direct sunlight or near artificial heat sources (e.g. heating). Do not dry in a tumble dryer!
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