Product Description

GREY lambskin hot water bottle provides cosy warmth!

This Fellhof lambskin hot water bottle brings a bit of cosy warmth into your home. Lambskin is a true wonder of nature. It provides long-lasting cosy heat and prevents rapid cooling. With a generous capacity of about 2 litres, you can say goodbye to the cold. The practical zipper makes filling the hot water bottle easy. Bring soothing warmth from Fellhof into your home today!

GREY lambskin hot water bottle features

  • Front: cover made of 100% lambskin
  • Back: wool felt
  • Bottle: 2 litre filling capacity
  • Easy-to-use with zipper closure
  • Heat-insulating
  • Colour: grey Size: 35 x 22
  • Machine washable (30°C) with special shampoo for lambskin
  • OEKO-TEX® 
The hot water bottle cover made of 100% Merino lambskin stores warmth and prevents the bottle from losing heat. It provides cosy warmth for baby’s cot or pram.

Tip: this large hot water bottel with lambskin cover is also available in the colour creme.

Order your hot water bottle with grey lambskin cover today!

Product number: 1371004
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Small Hot Water Bottle With Lambskin Cover


Large Hot Water Bottle With Lambskin Cover

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