Cat Bed, Small

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Product Description

Small cat bed: cosy bed for cats and dogs

Cats and dogs love cuddling up on cosy beds made of lambskin. This fluffy sheepskin sleeping pad for your pet is made of 100% natural lambskin and has a non-slip coating on the bottom. Measuring 45 x 38 cm, this cuddly bed is ideal for cats and small dogs. Your four-legged friend will simply love this comfy bed.

A raised edge and natural lambskin help reduce stress

The raised rim of this cat bed feels like a loving hug for your pet and can even have a positive effect on the behaviour of cats and small dogs. Plus, the natural lambskin is similar to the mother’s fur and gives your pet a strong sense of security and calm.

Even small dogs love this cat bed

Looking for a fluffy bed for your small dog? Your furry friend will love this pet bed. The hygienic bed will quickly become your dog’s favourite spot and, thanks to its beautiful design, will be a perfect match for any living room.

Pets also benefit from lambskin’s many positive features

Natural lambskin is an all-rounder. It is perfect for creating a comfy, safe space for cats and small dogs. Lambskin’s temperature-regulating, moisture-regulating and breathable properties offer the best sleeping conditions for cats year-round – that’s because lambskin acts like a natural air conditioner. It warms in winter and prevents heat from building up in summer. Lambskin is also a durable, natural material. Self-cleaning, dirt-repellent and easy-to-care-for, lambskin creates the perfect hygienic bed for your cat or small dog.

The soothing warmth of this natural material provides relief for animals who suffer from rheumatic and arthritic problems.

Overview of our pet bed for cats and small dogs

  • 100% lambskin
  • Cushioned bed
  • Raised, padded edge
  • Washable (up to 30°C) with our special lambskin shampoo
  • Anti-slip coating on the bottom
  • Warms in winter
  • Prevents heat build-up in summer
  • Temperature-regulating, moisture-regulating and breathable
  • Self-cleaning, dirt-repellent and easy-care
  • Natural, cosy and hygienic
  • Size: 45 x 38 x 6 cm
  • Colour: brown


When cleaning your cat bed, be sure to follow its cleaning instructions and use our cleaning products for lambskin! Order gentle lambskin shampoo and a handy cleaning brush with your cat bed.

Order your pet bed for cats and small dogs today!

Product number: 9180102
Care Hints

Unsere Tierbetten bestehen hauptsächlich aus 100% Lammfell. Da Lammfell über selbstreinigende Eigenschaften verfügt, sollte es so wenig wie möglich gewaschen werden. Für die schonende Reinigung unserer Lammfell-Produkte gilt Folgendes zu beachten:

Wir empfehlen, die Tierbetten immer gut auszulüften. Besonders gut entfaltet sich die selbstreinigende Wirkung bei Nebel, feuchtem Wetter und im Schnee. Das Fell kann dabei ruhig feucht werden, du solltest aber darauf achten, dass es nicht bis auf das Leder durchnässt, weil es dadurch brüchig wird. Danach empfehlen wir, die Tierbetten gut durchzubürsten. Dann lässt du das Produkt bei Zimmertemperatur gut lüften und vollständig trocknen. Bei hartnäckigen Flecken behandelst du die betroffene Stelle am besten mit unserem Spezialshampoo für Lammfelle und kaltem Wasser.

  • Regelmäßig Auslüften und Durchbürsten halten Lammfell weich und flauschig
  • Spezialshampoo für Lammfelle für Flecken
  • Fellbürste mit Reinigungsautomatik

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