gepolstertes Hundebett Lammfell
gepolstertes Hundebett Lammfell
gepolstertes Hundebett Lammfell
gepolstertes Hundebett Lammfell
gepolstertes Hundebett Lammfell
gepolstertes Hundebett Lammfell

Padded Dog Bed

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Color: brown
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Product Description

Dog bed for small & medium-sized dogs

This padded dog bed made with 100% lambskin offers a comfy place to rest for your four-legged friend. This cuddly dog bed will instantly be your pet’s favourite spot – they will be happy and content the moment they rest their head.

Comfort & safety for your dog

This dog bed offers plenty of comfort for your pet. With a cover made of 100% natural lambskin, the sleeping surface can be removed. The bottom features a non-slip coating for grip and prevents the dog bed from slipping and sliding on smooth floors.

Dog bed with raised edge made of 100% natural lambskin

This dog bed offers everything your four-legged friend needs to rest: comfort, safety and security. The comfortable padding with 100% lambskin cover ensures a soft sleeping surface for your dog. It is reminiscent of their mother’s fur and triggers a feeling of comfort and security in your dog. The raised edge of this cosy dog bed feels like a snuggly cuddle for your pet, which has a very positive effect on their behaviour.

Your dog’s new favourite spot

If you are looking for a great dog bed, you and your furry friend will love this choice! This extra soft dog bed is not only a hygienic place to sleep that provides a lot of comfort for your dog, but also a beautiful accessory for your home. Both you AND your dog will get the most out of their new favourite spot!

Padded lambskin bed for your pet

We know from experience that pets love natural lambskin. It evokes a positive feeling of security in your four-legged friend, and reminds them of the time when they were still puppies and cuddled with mum and their littermates.

The positive qualities of lambskin have an effect on pets, too

Natural lambskin is an all-rounder. It is perfect for creating a happy, comfortable place for our faithful four-legged friends. The temperature-regulating, moisture-regulating and breathable properties offer ideal conditions for sleeping all year round. That’s because lambskin acts like a natural air conditioner – it warms in winter and prevents heat from building up in summer. Lambskin is also a durable natural material. Self-cleaning, dirt-repellent and easy-care, lambskin creates the perfect hygienic bed for your pet.

The soothing warmth of this natural material provides relief for animals with rheumatic and arthritic issues.

Features of our padded dog bed

  • 100% lambskin
  • Cushioned bed, sleeping surface can be removed
  • Raised, padded edge
  • Lowered section of rim for dog to enter
  • Washable (up to 30°C) with our special lambskin shampoo
  • Anti-slip coating on the bottom
  • Outer material: durable, can be wiped with a damp cloth
  • Insulates in winter
  • Prevents heat build-up in summer
  • Temperature-regulating, moisture-regulating and breathable
  • Self-cleaning, dirt-repellent and easy-care
  • Natural, cosy and hygienic
  • Size: 54 x 47 cm
  • Colour: brown


When cleaning your dog bed, please follow the washing instructions and instructions for our care products for lambskins carefully! Why not add our special shampoo for lambskins and a practical cleaning brush to your order? The outer surface of this dog bed can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Buy your dog bed made of 100% natural lambskin today!

Product number: 9180201
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