Product Description

ATTERSEE Merino scarf in the natural colours of the Salzkammergut

Our new Salzkammergut collection tells the story of our homeland, where nature, tradition and genuine values are held close to our hearts. Front and centre are the colours of Austria’s beautiful Salzkammergut region. Combined with modern yet timeless design, every piece in the Salzkammergut collection has what it takes to become a true Fellhof classic. Discover hats, headbands and scarves in natural colours today.

ATTERSEE Merino scarf

The first settlers to Lake Attersee left behind dwellings built on stilts and bear witness to early cultural development in the Salzkammergut region. Austria’s largest lake boasts excellent, clean water, and visibility of over 20 metres – which is also why it is a popular diving area.

Our ATTERSEE Merino scarf is made of 100% finest Merino wool. This beautiful scarf, available in the colours reed, earth and moss, is knitted and can be mixed and matched with autumn and winter looks. Our entire Salzkammergut collection wins over customers with the wonderful natural properties of Merino wool: it is super soft, breathable, temperature-regulating, anti-bacterial and especially gentle to the skin.

Overview of our ATTERSEE Merino scarf

  • 100% Merino wool
  • Classic knitted scarf – plain knit
  • Made of ultra-fine soft yarn
  • Breathable, temperature-regulating and anti-bacterial
  • Optimum heat insulation
  • Dimensions: 184 x 29 cm
  • Colours: reed, earth, moss
Product number: 2434207
Care Hints

Dieser Artikel kann mit Handwäsche gereinigt werden. Bei einem entsprechendem Handwaschprogramm der Waschmaschine (kalt) muss unbedingt ein Wollwaschmittel verwendet werden.

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