Product Description

Dachstein Merino Hat in the natural colours of Salzkammergut

Our new Salzkammergut collection tells the story of our homeland, where nature, tradition and genuine values are held close to our hearts. Front and centre are the colours of Austria’s beautiful Salzkammergut region. Combined with modern yet timeless design, every piece in the Salzkammergut collection has what it takes to become a true Fellhof classic. Discover hats, headbands and scarves for women, men and children in natural colours today.

Breathable and Super Soft: DACHSTEIN Merino Hat

Known far beyond the Salzkammergut, the DACHSTEIN is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Eastern Alps. Where alpine charm meets high alpine terrain, mountaineers, climbers and hikers feel right at home here. This is the place for true lovers of the great outdoors. Our DACHSTEIN Merino beanie is made of 100% finest Merino wool. With its natural properties, the DACHSTEIN hat is very breathable, temperature-regulating and antibacterial. The cuff is just as finely ribbed as the rest of the Merino hat and is especially comfy to wear.


  • 100% Merino wool
  • Optimum heat insulation
  • Made of ultra-fine soft yarn
  • Finely ribbed beanie with wide ribbed cuff
  • Breathable, temperature-regulating and anti-bacterial
  • Neutralises unpleasant odours
  • One size
  • Colours: amber, gravel, moss, reed, earth
Product number: 2431202
Care Hints
This item can be hand washed. It is essential to use a wool detergent with a corresponding hand wash programme in the washing machine (cold).
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