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Product Description

RHINO slippers

Closed-back slippers with lambskin and non-slip sole.

Our RHINO slippers are a durable model that can also be worn outside. Taking out the rubbish, fetching the newspaper or quickly crossing the street to a neighbour? Looking for slippers can be worn for quick trips outside when it’s dry? Our RHINO slippers are the right choice.

Practical & comfy

Fellhof RHINO slippers with 100% lambskin are cosy soft inside and their non-slip rubber sole with a slight wedge heel allow them to be worn outside in dry conditions.
  • 100% lambskin
  • Upper: leather
  • Non-slip rubber sole with slight wedge heel
  • Closed back
  • Extra comfortable
  • Sizes: 36-46
  • Colour: braun

RHINO slippers with lambskin

When choosing cosy slippers, comfy, natural lambskin is simply perfect. Lambskin lining warms in winter and prevents heat from building up in warm weather. Lambskin’s long fibres are to thank for these temperature-regulating properties, as they act like a natural air conditioner. In addition, lambskin is moisture-regulating, breathable and hygienic – essential properties for comfy slippers.

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Product number: 3119036
Care Hints
This item is not washable. For stains, a slightly damp cloth can be used to gently treat the relevant area. Then air well at room temperature and allow to dry completely - otherwise the leather may tarnish (it will mould, like any natural material in a warm, damp environment).
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