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Product Description

Shaun das Schaf

Die süße Shaun the sheep Kinderwageneinlage aus echtem Lammfell ist schmutzabweisend, praktisch und kuschelig bequem.

Shaun the Sheep lambskin pram liner with dirt protector

This sweet Shaun the Sheep lambskin pram liner is dirt-repellent, practical and comfy.

Did you know that lambskin is such a high-quality natural product that no synthetic fibre comes close to matching it? Merino lambskin not only keeps little ones wonderfully warm, it is breathable and insulating, and regulates temperature. This lambskin pram liner helps ensure your little one is always the right temperature. The precut slots for a 5-point harness provide safety for your child. This liner is equipped with padding made of soft fleece and cotton lining. Each of our Fellhof products for children has been awarded the OEKO-TEX® seal. This means that the entire pram liner, from the lambskin down to threads, undergoes strict testing and is certified. The bottom of this pram liner includes a high-quality, durable material that is also very easy to clean – perfect for dirty shoes and boots.

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  • OEKO-TEX® Leather Standard certified
  • Genuine merino lambskin
  • Precut holes for 5-point harness
  • Soft padding with fleece stuffing
  • Special material at the bottom protects the liner from dirty shoes
  • Compatible with many common pram and buggy models
  • Washable up to 30°C with our special lambskin shampoo
  • Please note: follow care instructions when washing your pram liner.

This product is sold exclusively in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Please contact us at or via our contact form if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Product number: 1322012
Care Hints

As a general rule, do not wash too often! Lambskin is self-cleaning, dirt-repellent and easy to care for.

General care: Regular brushing and shaking help to keep the lambskin soft and fluffy. We also recommend brushing the coat well in case of light stains, the affected area can be moistened slightly beforehand. In general, we recommend airing out fur products regularly - fog or even snow for several hours is best for this. The following applies: the coat can become damp, but the leather should not get wet.

Cleaning in the washing machine: As rarely as possible. For cleaning we recommend hand washing or the wool/hand washing programme of the washing machine cold or with max. 30 degrees at max. 600 revolutions. We recommend using only PH-neutral special lambskin shampoo.

Drying: The fur should be spread out flat to dry in an airy place, e.g. on a clothes horse on the balcony. During the drying phase, the lambskin should be pulled into shape while still damp. Neither during drying nor during storage should the lambskin bag be exposed to direct sunlight, also avoid the proximity of artificial heat sources (e.g. heating). Do not tumble dry!

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