Merino Collection

Merino wool boasts excellent thermal insulation properties that keep you warm in winter – plus, it doesn’t lose its ability to stay warm, even when your hat or scarf gets wet.


Merino wool collection for women

Merino is a breed of sheep characterised by their very fine, soft wool. The delicate structure of the wool ensures that our cosy Merino products feel pleasantly soft on your skin. When you choose Merino wool products, you always have a bit of nature at your side.

Keratin and lanolin in Merino wool

Merino wool has excellent insulating properties to protect you from the cold

An additional advantage of natural Merino wool’s fibres is that its keratin and lanolin are self-cleaning and very odour-resistant. Natural Merino wool – reliable, practical and warm, no matter the weather!

Merino wool products for every occasion

To make sure everyone stays warm this winter, have a look at our full range of lambskin products. In addition to women’s slippers and slippers for men, we carry lovely baby booties and slippers for kids. Learn more about our various lambskin slippers for the entire family. In addition to our popular TRENDY slippers and toasty-warm slipper boots with leather soles, you will find plenty of different styles in our online shop.

Keep your feet warm in the snow, too, with our lambskin boots for women and winter boots and shoes for men. And don’t forget your hands – we have great sheepskin gloves for women and gloves for men, as well as gloves and mittens for kids.

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