Slippers & Booties

Fluffy lambskin baby booties and slippers keep little feet cosy and warm! Find the perfect lambskin lined slippers for kids in our online shop today.


Lambskin baby booties & lined slippers for kids

Our fluffy baby booties keep tiny toes nice and warm! We have great slippers for kids of all ages. Have a look at our range of cute slippers for kids and order your favourites online today!

Lined slippers for kids and babies

Hop into our slippers made with real lambskin and get ready for winter.

Whether you choose baby booties with a knit cuff, ties, a hook and loop fastener or to slip right on: all of our slippers and baby booties have something in common. They are guaranteed to fit just right, stay on and treat your little one to the utmost comfort. Whether your baby needs warm toes whilst lying down or will be taking their first steps in comfy, warm booties – they’ll be ready for anything in our lambskin baby booties.

Slippers lined with genuine lambskin!

Because it is a truly versatile material, lambskin fulfills all the requirements of the perfect shoes for kids! It protects against the cold, and keeps feet warm even on cold floors. You don’t have to put your slippers away on warm days because sheepskin has a cooling effect in summer. Its long fibres ensures excellent air circulation. Plus, our lined kids’ slippers absorb moisture and neutralise odours. And, above all, natural lambskin is perfectly suited for sensitive baby skin!

Pink, blue or neutral tan: baby booties for boys and girls

At Fellhof, you’ll find lambskin slippers for kids of all ages. Whether you’re looking for something sweet and cute or rustic for adventures, our lambskin slippers and baby booties act as fluffy everyday companions for your little ones. Plus, we carry a wide range of colours – from neutral tans and browns to baby blue or light pink, we have something for everyone.

The best quality lined slippers for kids

We want only the best for your kids: our products undergo strict checks from the sourcing of our raw materials through to the final product. The sheep from which we source our lambskins have controlled origins and live on sprawling pastures. Their skins are a natural byproduct after they are slaughtered, and these sheepskins are used to make high-quality Fellhof® products such as our soft baby booties and slippers for kids.

A wide range of lambskin products for you

Your little ones will love our Shaun the Sheep collection and our new winter boots for kids. Lambskin pads, sheepskins for babies and footmuffs keep little ones warm on cold days. Our online shop also has great boots for women, lambskin gloves and lambskin bed underlays – we truly have something for everyone!

Have you found the perfect slippers for your kids? Order online today!

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