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Medical lambskin is a natural super-star and prophylactic measure against decubitus. It boasts many wonderful properties that make it a natural choice in the prevention of bedsores.


Medical lambskin and pressure sore relief products

Anti-decubitus lambskin is breathable, absorbs moisture and is anti-allergenic. The long, stable fibres of anti-decubitis lambskin creates a cushion of air between the body and pad, ensuring the optimal circulation of air and allowing wounds to heal hygienically. Plus, our medical lambskin is machine washable at 30°C, making it a wonderful choice in the prevention of bed sores and pressure sores.

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Anti-bedsore heel protectors: hygienic, practical and adjustable

Natural lambskin boasts so many great properties in wound management: it is breathable, absorbs moisture and is absolutely hygienic. Our anti-bedsore heel protector creates a natural cushion of air between the heel and lambskin to help wounds heal.

Medical lambskin: soft, safe and especially high-quality

Not every lambskin is medical lambskin. Medically tanned lambskin undergoes a special process to make it especially hygienic and durable. Our medical lambskins are machine washable up to 30°C.

Lambskin wheelchair seat cushions are comfortable, stay in place and act as a natural air conditioner

Stay comfortable in all four seasons: lambskin has unique properties that make it a natural air conditioner. In winter, our lambskin wheelchair cover has a warming effect, and in summer it regulates temperatures and absorbs moisture. Our wheelchair cushions are made from very high-quality medical lambskin, which is not only comfortable, but especially safe and hygienic, too.

Lambskin kidney belts: comfortably warm yet breathable

Protect yourself from catching cold! Our lambskin kidney belt keeps you comfortably warm but does not allow heat to build up. With our lambskin kidney belt, air can circulate comfortably whilst your kidneys stay protected against the cold.

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From our collections for men and women to our children’s products or sheepskins and hide rugs for the home. When you buy Fellhof products such as slippers or our popular slipper boots, you are getting a long-lasting natural product – partly designed by Mother Nature herself. Lambskin regulates temperature, is durable, skin-friendly and natural.

We also have cosy slippers for men and warm baby booties and slippers for kids. Learn more about our wide variety of lambskin slippers. In addition to customer-favourite TRENDY slippers and slipper boots with leather soles, we have many other styles with something for everyone.

Keep your feet warm in the snow, too, with our lambskin boots for women and winter boots for men. And don’t forget your hands! Our warm sheepskin gloves for women, lambskin gloves for men and soft gloves and mittens for kids keep your hands toasty and warm.

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