Household Products

Everyone deserves to feel wonderful in their own home and a clean, beautiful space plays a major role. Browse our selection of lovely lambskin decorations and special cleaning products to add a unique touch to your home.


Natural helpers around the house

Cleaning and washing is just a part of life. Make your life a little easier with our natural household products! We have a selection of helpful products – browse and buy yours online today!

Household products for a comfortable home

Nowadays, it is especially important that you feel comfortable in your own home. Cleanliness plays a major role. Do you often find yourself on the hunt for the best household products? Why not try Fellhof products to make your life a little easier?

How to clean & care for lambskin

Do you own a high-quality lambskin or sheepskin and are you looking for the best sheepskin cleaning and care product? Our special shampoo for lambskin is biodegradable and pH-neutral. It is suitable for all kinds of washable lambskins and helps keep your lambskin fluffy and soft for years to come!

Lambskin products for everyone

Browse our online shop and learn more about our other lambskin products. From our collections for women and men to boots for kids; bullhide stools through to accessories including wallets, hot water bottle covers, sheepskin brushes and healthcare products – you’ll be amazed at all the wonderful sheepskin products we have to offer.

Buy your favourite products made from lambskin online today!

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